certiquality Our sanitizing detergent line

Our sanitizing detergent line

We have our own line of single-dose sachets containing both sanitizing gel and sanitizing cleansing wipes.


certiquality Food supplements

Food supplements

Our Department is fitted with equipment for packaging food supplements of any kind into heat-sealed sachets, such as: capsules, ovules, pods, tablets etc. of various shapes and sizes, liquids, gels and powders.

Liquids can also be packaged in sticks. The food suitability of wrappings and the sanitization of all packaging line parts guarantee the conformity of packaged products.


certiquality Packaging of medical and surgical devices and medical equipment

Packaging of medical and surgical devices and medical equipment

Our facility also features a department for the heat-sealed packaging of products approved as Medical and Surgical Devices and Medical Equipment.

We package disinfectant wipes for non-injured skin, and nonwoven and micro-perforated nonwoven eyelid wipes.
We hold Italian ministerial authorization for the packaging of: Disinfectants and germicide and bactericide products for human and environmental use, in pure liquids and solutions, suspensions and emulsions. Insect repellents for human use.


certiquality home cleaning and washing machine

Home cleaning and washing machine

We pack bags of various sizes containing detergents, softeners for washing machines, and floor detergent.


certiquality Chimici / Cosmetici

Chemicals / Cosmetics

Our packaging lines feature dosing technologies and very versatile formats, offering customers a wide range of products. We can dose liquids, creams, powders, products with microgranules, oils, wipes, bandages, vials, etc.

We use suitable materials for the publishing industry with food-grade polyethylene and eco-friendly materials. We hold permits to package medical and surgical devices and a UTF license for the production and processing of alcoholic products.


certiquality Cleansing/cosmetic wipes

Cleansing/cosmetic wipes

Our lines can pack sachets with single- or two-sheet cellulose, non-woven and micro-perforated nonwoven fabric, and package bandages, gauze etc.


certiquality food powder

Food powder

We have a packaging department for food powders, supplements, coffee, chocolate, cocoa, and yeasts.


certiquality chemical powder

Chemical powder

We have a packaging area for chemical powders, bath salts, incense, hair bleaches, henna, rice starch, and detergents suitable for coffee machines.


certiquality veterinary use

Veterinary use

We pack various types of products for veterinary use such as both liquid supplements and tablets or capsules, wipes, detergents, and shampoos.


certiquality Sticks


We pack sachets in stick pack format containing supplements and food products in liquid form such as oils and vinegars.


Packaging and Services

certiquality various packaging

Various packaging

We can carry out various types of packaging such as:
sachets with circular hole and euro slot hole
sachets with guided outflow
twin sachets containing different products

We apply sachets on brochures of various kinds and shapes.
We pack sachets inside boxes with leaflets inside.
Customized displays and boxes.
We wrap the cartons with retracted film.
We insert sachets into various types of bags and minigrips.

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Certifications and authorizations

ISO 9001:2016
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CSQA Dichiarazione di Conformità
Giustificativo Ecogruppo
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Giustificativo Ecogruppo
CSQA Dichiarazione di Conformità
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CSQA Dichiarazione di Conformità
ISO 13485:2016
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ISO 9001:2016
ISO 9001:2015
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ISO 9001:2015
Controllo e certificazione produzioni BIO
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Controllo e certificazione produzioni BIO

About us

Proiezione Più was founded in 1991 and operates in the sector of single-dose heat-sealed packaging. The company features a production facility of 2500 square meters, which includes a variety of packaging department and latest-generation machines and technology to produce sachets for:
Medical and Surgical Devices, Medical Equipment, cosmetics, food supplements and foods, detergents, perfumes and wipes.

Our sanitization processes for machinery and pathways ensure that products are always in perfect hygienic conditions, in accordance with GMP standards. Furthermore, thanks to technologies such as flexography and rotogravure, we are able to create any type of image of excellent quality.


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